CPAP Cleaning Machines Covered by Insurance – All CPAP Cleaning manufacturers, suppliers and doctors all recommend regular cleaning of positive air pressure equipment (CPAP). Masks, tubes and water chambers must be cleaned every day (or at least every week) with dish soap and hot water. In addition, the device filter must be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks. Distilled water is intended to be used in water spaces to reduce risk.

CPAP Cleaning Options and Sanitize

Most professionals recommend cleaning the CPAP equipment with liquid dish soap and hot water. In some cases, vinegar diluted with water is used. This has been adequate to prevent generalized respiratory infections associated with the use of CPAP for decades. However, companies in recent years have exploited fears and developed a niche market of cleaners and disinfectants. What are the costs, benefits and risks of these devices?

CPAP Cleaning SoClean and SoClean 2

Annual spare parts: $ 30 (cartridge filter kit)
Benefits: According to controlled laboratory tests, the device allegedly kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria found in CPAP masks, tubes and water tanks. To do this, it supplies ozone to a sealed container and, from the mask through the pipe, to the internal chambers of the CPAP device. The mask does not have to be disassembled: it is placed directly in the container with the tube protruding through a side hole. There is also a smaller travel version, So Clean 2 Go, which runs on 8 AA batteries.

Soclean CPAP Machines
Soclean CPAP Machines

Risks: the residual odor of ozone can be unpleasant and risky. Ozone exposure is potentially dangerous among people with respiratory conditions. The US Food and Drug Administration UU He describes it as a “toxic gas without a known useful medical application”. The Environmental Protection Agency says that relatively low amounts of ozone can cause shortness of breath and worsen chronic respiratory disease. In fact, ironically, exposure to it can compromise the body’s ability to fight respiratory infections.

CPAP Cleaning Lumin

Advantages: Promising to kill 99% of the bacteria thanks to the ultraviolet rays, the device is equipped with a sliding drawer in which the mask or the water chamber can be placed to be cleaned. It works quickly and delivers a dose of disinfecting light in just 5 minutes. It can also be used to clean dentures, hearing aids and toothbrushes.

Lumin CPAP Machines
Lumin CPAP Machines

Risks: The use of the device may also create an unpleasant smell in the equipment, but this may not be harmful. There is no direct exposure to ultraviolet rays; the associated risks (such as skin cancer or eye damage) are therefore irrelevant. Unfortunately, it only cleans surfaces directly exposed to light.

Opaque materials can affect the effectiveness of cleaning. It is not intended to be used for cleaning PPC tubes and a separate device must be released for this cleaning task. It is theoretically possible that UV light accelerates the normal aging of plastics in CPAP equipment.

Should I Buy a CPAP Cleaner?

In the end, the available CPAP cleaners and sanitation does not seem to provide additional cleaning capacity beyond the standard cleaning method with soap and water. There is no evidence that this device reduces the risk of infection.

These companies also have no financial interest in investigating this possibility. Devices sell well without such studies. This might reveal a lot about the motivation behind recent encouragement in direct marketing to product consumers, beyond the knowledge that supports its use.

Further research may be useful in determining whether this device has a role in routine CPAP therapy. The risk of infection is very small, and the evidence for its benefits is very weak, so this device is currently not recommended. Save your money and buy a supply of liquid dish soap for life!


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