What Are The Most Healthy Sleeping Positions?

The Most Healthy Sleeping Positions
The Most Healthy Sleeping Positions

Sleep is needed to rest the organs of the body that have been working all day. Sleep is also important to restore one’s energy. Enough sleep time can keep the body healthy, and can benefit the heart, liver, brain, and other organs. After waking up, the body is expected to be fit again so that it can do activities well.

However, a poor sleeping position can actually cause a person to suffer from pain, such as pain in the neck and back when you wake up. In fact, sometimes some people do not know that the cause of their neck pain or back pain when they wake up is because of a sleep position.

The three most popular sleeping positions

When sleeping, people have various sleeping positions which he thinks are most comfortable to do. A person’s sleeping position is very diverse depending on each choice. However, in general there are three main sleeping positions, which are supine, face down, and tilted. This sleeping position has its advantages and disadvantages.

Sleeping position on your back

This position can prevent neck pain and back pain because of the position of the head, neck and spine in a neutral position. In addition, this position also reduces stomach acid rise. When sleeping on your back and head elevated, the position of the abdomen will be under the esophagus so that it can prevent stomach acid rising to the top. Sleeping on your back can also minimize wrinkles and maintain breast shape.

The disadvantage, this position can cause people to snore while sleeping.

Sleeping position tilted

Next the sleeping position is tilted. This sleeping position can also prevent neck pain and back pain, reduce stomach acid rise, reduce snoring, and this is a good sleeping position for pregnant women. This sleeping position is good for the spine because in the sleeping position the spine can be elongated. For pregnant women, the tilt to the left is the best because it helps blood circulation. You can put a pillow over your shoulder so that your head and neck are in a neutral position.

However, the sleeping position is tilted badly for the face and breast because it causes a downward push on the face and breasts, so that the face is easily wrinkled and the breasts become sagging.

Sleeping position face down

This sleeping position is not recommended because it can cause neck pain and back pain, cause wrinkles, decreased breasts, and make it easier for you to snore. Sleeping position on the stomach makes the spine difficult to position so that it can cause neck and back pain. In addition, the prone position also forces you to turn your face to one side for a certain amount of time so that it can cause neck pain.

People who are sleeping face down can also experience increased anxiety during sleep because they often turn their faces to look for comfort in a sleeping position. The stomach also puts pressure on the joints and muscles so that it can irritate the nerves and cause pain, numbness and tingling. However, if you have a habit of snoring and do not suffer from neck and back pain, maybe sleeping with your stomach down is good for you. Sleeping in this position makes your upper airway more open.

The best sleeping position to reduce neck pain and back pain

For those of you who suffer from back pain (neck pain and back pain), you should use a pillow as below to reduce neck pain and back pain:

  1. If you sleep on your side, pull both feet closer to the chest and pinch the pillow between the legs.
  2. If you sleep on your back, put a pillow under your knees to help maintain the position of your spine, and also place a pillow on your neck.
  3. If you sleep on your stomach, put pillows on your lower abdomen and pelvic bones. You can also put a pillow under your head.

Which is your favorite sleeping position? If your sleeping position has caused you neck and back pain, try placing the pillow as described above. Give comfort to your body during sleep so that you sleep quality. Quality sleep is very necessary for health.